The Hughman for the Day


8 thoughts on “The Hughman for the Day

  1. Reblogged this on scottishmomus and commented:
    Now I had to wait until my A-Z of mythology was complete before doing this. In order to give due attention to the magnificence of a fine kilt. Note the way the pattern has been developed and the pleats stitched in just so. There is a fine history of kilt manufacturing in Scotland. And, as something of a patriot, I feel duty bound to display prime examples when they arise. This particular specimen of woven grace really catches the eye and attention to detail will reveal the intricacy of the crafter’s work……….The kilt! Get your eyes on the kilt! The rest is just scenery. Oceanic wonder, sparkling blue sea with just that sprinkle of light-reflected spray. Truly a wonder to behold. I can feel a poem coming on. At least, I think it’s a poem. Hard to tell some days. Orders for kilts can be made via various internet routes. I’ve got mine. Wonder if I could model it with someone. Mythological gods are so over rated. 🙂 x

  2. He was grouchy that day. I also don’t know how a kilt is to be worn. Actually when I see guys in them I am not really paying attention to the details of the kilt, if you get my drift. Glad you are enjoying the picture.

  3. Excellent idea. I’ve got just the spot on my ceiling! I don’t know why he was complaining about ‘down under’. Home town for him should be a doddle. Glad he obliged though Rene. I’ll adjust his kilt next time though. 🙂 x

  4. See the comment I sent Scottishmomus. I told her to print it out and make it your wall paper on the computer. Glad it made you smile. I am good today, 2 smiles for me.

    Peace & Love

  5. I knew you would love this one. I was going to hold it out for a special occasion. I thought I would go ahead and give you a thrill today. You might want to use it as a screen wallpaper and print it out. I believe this one is a one of a kind picture. It will really be a challenge to get him to do this again. He really didn’t like the kilt as he said he was “cold down below”. I told him he was a wuss.
    Peace & Love

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