Psych course: Poor Bobo!


2 thoughts on “Psych course: Poor Bobo!

  1. Well, I am sure you are aware of this effect of familial violence. When a child is exposed to violence between parents, especially parents, children will grow to either be violent as well (male on woman violence is quite common), or they will become victims (woman usually plays this role). In my family, my sis and I watched so much friggin’ violence, and then verbal and psychological abuse, we totally were messed up. My sister became really violent in her relationships, then would try to play the victim to her friends and the cops. I witnessed it though, first hand, so I know Wanda is a head case. She passed her shit on to her son, and now he is a homeless felon. She is also living with a guy who she was arrested with for domestic violence. Seems she didn’t learn anything.
    I, on the hand, just won’t take shit from anybody. I guess it comes across in my persona, as people just think I am a bitch before they have even got to know me. I guess the damn bus driver was of the same impression since he talked to mum instead of me this week. I had one b/f who tried to push on me, and then he hit me once, once, I went all nuclear on him, and was never hit again by anyone. I had another b/f push me once, and I pushed him back so hard he flew across the room. Yeah, a little Wonder Woman channeling there, but he never pushed me again. I just stand up, shoulders back, head up, and dare anyone to fuck with me. That is it. Guys I have dated know I keep a gun or knife near my bed and another always somewhere else in the house I can get to, so I am never caught unarmed. I also had a b/f and a friend teach me a lot of self defense. So, I have no fear. I think a lot of what happens to women, and some men, is they set them selves to be victims. This could be from conditioning in the family unit, probably is, but others see this, and there is always going to be someone who needs to push another to feel important and big.
    Sorry for the long answer.

  2. I’m wondering whether watching a known person eg, a parent rather than a stranger would make any difference. Thinking about games and TV programmes children use and watch. There are always criticisms of these types of things but I would imagine watching a parent carry out acts of violence would have greater impact than watching or playing a game. And, not necessarily, to mirror the behaviour. Depending on the person and other factors and how it made them feel could result in imaging but it might have the opposite effect if the experience felt like a negative one. Got me thinking this one. x

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