Meat: this is for all my peeps who still eat this stuff, you know who you are!


4 thoughts on “Meat: this is for all my peeps who still eat this stuff, you know who you are!

  1. Have been having serious lupus flare, which to me are worse than fibro flares, and so spending some quality time with my bedroom. I did a post on FB about a new walker thingy I am now getting, and it is depressing me. I will talk more later. If you can’t find the post on FB, let me know and I will share the link. It is in a closed fibro group, so I am not sure who can see it. Peace & Love Oh, so hope all is well with you. I know I need more Hughmans, and I now have a request for Dwayne Johnson’s (The Rock) as well. Just can’t figure out a cool name for his: The Rockman for the day, Here is your Dwayne for the day (that sounds nasty), and we all know we don’t want to go to the whole Johnson thing, that is just wrong.

  2. When is it never? I’d like to put some of those choice ingredients in a few choice steaks. I watched one of these recently on another site. It started out about a giraffe that was the ‘product of an incestuous relationship’. I think it might have been in the Netherlands. Anyway, a decision was made to kill this wee beauty. But, get this! In front of an audience icluding children. They totally mutilated it and served it as food to lions. There was then a link on the page about other animal cruelty, of which, I’m ashamed to say, I had no full idea. It was video footage that was stomach-sickening. I forced myself to watch so’s I’d know. It was incredible to me, still is, that humans can do what they do to other living forms.
    I am a meat eater. But not at any cost. We need to know what goes on in the name of animal husbandry to be able to make enlightened choices.
    As you say, Rene, the mighty coin speaks and anything goes as far as profit is concerned. We have gone so wrong as a species when cruelty of any sort is the accepted standard.x

    I’ll get back to your email soon. Thinking on a few bits and pieces just nowx

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