The Promise Of Rain: A Response

I'm Dying

Today is a good day.

Yesterday was a learning day.

I probably learned one of the most important lessons of my almost 50 years yesterday.

I am not worthy... I am not worthy…

First off, not to beat this to pieces, I read a post yesterday morning by my friend Belinda, aka busymindthinking

This post inspired mine: The Dying Rain

The responses surprised me…

To get the jist of what I am talking about, please read these in order.

This is not tooting my horn.

It is important to read these comments and such to see how much it moved these nice people in a way I found somewhat…..Overwhelming.

I had no idea that words could do this…..Words that ‘I’ had written

What did I learn?

When all the beautiful comments, reactions and likes started to ping on my phone I was proud of myself at first.

For about an hour….

Then, to be…

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