It’s been a long year!


Word Press has dropped this little notice in my box today: It has been a year since I have been on Word Press.  Hurrah for me! Somehow I am not feeling the moment.   I do hope throughout this year the pics of the hunks and funnies have made some smile, if you didn’t smile then you are just stuck.  The vids are just my way of trying to make sure everyone unsticks the old gunk on the walls of the grey matter like I do, and to edduemacate (I came up with this word way back in the old days, Trey!  It is all mine!) the rest of ya’ll.  I hope the next year brings perhaps more profound stuff from this page, or not.  I have made some great friends from here who I will treasure always, and call and message often. 

Lookin’ down the barrel of another year, here we go. 

Peace & Love






6 thoughts on “It’s been a long year!

  1. Did I spell edumacated wrong? See, I was trying to do the whole phonics thingy, and spell it the ‘right’ way. Treyman used it the other day, and I KNOW he thinks he came up with it all by his lonesome! I am like Walter Whitman: remembered either for good quotes or candy in a hurry. Hmmm? That didn’t sound so good. You get my drift, right?

  2. I just kept posting, and the clock kept ticking. Sort of like life: I keep waking and the clock keeps ticking. Hmmmmm…

    Peace & Love

  3. Congratulations, Rene. It’s something to think that a whole year has passed. Part of me feels it has flown by. Another part feels as if I’ve always been here. And I’ve not even been here a year, quite yet. Here’s to many more vids and posts from your neck of the woods. We all need to be ‘edumacated’ in one way or another. 🙂 x

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