Immortal Jellyfish and Karaoke

2 thoughts on “Immortal Jellyfish and Karaoke

  1. I agree on the poor lab jellies. Silly man.
    I also have never wanted to live forever, or for as long as vampires do in the shows. Why? Things change too much and too fast. Just think of all the changes we have had in our lifetime, then think of how many changes in our parent’s life times. Crazy to want to hang around indefinitely. Why do people want to extend their lives so much? I think most of it relates to the simple fear of death and the beyond. I have never had a fear of death, stems from shit that happened in my childhood. I fear being paralyzed and that kind of thing, but not death and the beyond. I also have a pretty good idea from many sources this is my last time on this whirlwind, I have done my time, learned all I can, and completed what tasks I had to do within my ability. I am not a Gandhi or Mother Teresa, but I have done all that I can in this form of life. Who knows, I might come back as a shark or jellyfish, so I can relax in the water without a swimsuit. LOL

  2. I think this poor bugger has spent too long with the jellyfish! And there might even be the possibility that the jellyfish are reverting to foetal form to escape any chance of hearing karaoke. At least the ones in his lab. As far as the oceangoers living indefinitely, they must have found some reason to want to. Imagine having to do life all over again starting from childhood! I don’t want to be a jellyfish. I’d settle for someone coming up with ways to keep the onset of grey at bay and never to have a need for glasses. A few extra years in my prime would do just grand. 🙂 x

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