Dwayne for the day



4 thoughts on “Dwayne for the day

  1. email or Skype the rest of the stuff. I am just trying not to bleed too much on my embroidery and not think about the pool. Oh, I did check out a copy of the kindle version of Slaughterhouse 5 and am reading it currently. I have forgotten (or fibro fog) almost all my old honors reading programs. I remember the Vietnam lit class I took in undergrad. What does that say about me?
    I will get back with you.
    Peace & Love

  2. You know I’m ribbing you missus and one thing I do have in abundance is patience (except for queues. I can’t do queues!) Sounds like you have your hands full with flare-ups and stuff I’m scared to ask about. Cops, yeah. What’s with the needles dare I ask? Supernatural? You’ve lost me…unless there’s a poem in it somewhere. 🙂 Be well, Rene. That’s all that matters. Loving you from a distance. x

  3. You know, I do believe all the traveling and photo shoots fling me into flares. Every time I finish putting up a bunch of photos, whoops, here comes a flare. LOL
    I just haven’t had my Hughman eyes out recently, and haven’t updated my stash. Time is a beautiful thing, and patience is even more beautiful. So, you would be truly beautiful if you had both! Luv ya’. Working’ on it. Poking myself with a needle, calling the cops for domestic violence issues, and watching 9 seasons of Supernatural~a girl can only do so much.
    Peace & Love

  4. No harm to Dwayne ‘cos he’s looking quite hot here in his nice jumper and jeans. But I’d like to know what has happened to Shug. Now, I’ve got a backlog of emails so I may have missed him. Or maybe he’s gone on strike and refuses to work with you any more until he meets me again(…a girl can dream…) but I’m just not into Dwayne. Apologies to the Dwayne lovers. We can’t all like the same ones. There’d be too much of a rush. And all of our offspring would be to similar to keep the gene pool looking good.
    So where is that Aussie dreamboy? Recuperating or what? 😉 x

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