Leave home without glasses? How to see without tham! It actually works


6 thoughts on “Leave home without glasses? How to see without tham! It actually works

  1. Okay! I will go with that, especially since I haven’t hit the menopause stage yet. Wow! Wouldn’t that be a holler? Menopause and all the other shit I am feeling! Best not to ruminate on it too much.

    Peace & Love

  2. Hellish isn’t it?! I’ve had to use glasses for driving for years but don’t need them yet for reading. I know that’s round the corner any time then I’ll be going between one set and another or opting for bifocals. I do notice I’m starting to read the small print on medicine bottle up near a window to let natural light hit it. Arggh, getting older’s a bugger! 😉 x

  3. Sometimes I have noticed when I cover my right eye, I can see better. I had to really do this the day I was so dizzy in the store. I couldn’t read the label on products, I mean the large stuff. I often have to cover my right eye with the pillow when reading my Kindle at night as well. I know I need my eyes checked, but Medicaid doesn’t pay for this. I also have had three prescriptions for glasses since I started on the Lyrica a few years back, so I know a lot of the loss of eye sight is due to the meds. Mom looks at my Kindle and can’t believe how large I have the words. When I put on my glasses and look at it, I realize it is really large as well. Kind of screws up some of the print as it wants to cut words weird. I used to have my computer default to 125%, but it screws up too many pages for me to read the or look at things. I finally just put the magnifying tool on my task bar so I can access it when reading FB or WP stuff. A bit of a pain, but what am I to do. If I wear the glasses, then I can’t see far away things, and have to have the them on my nose, half way in half way out of focus. I feel like a granny then and we don’t want to go there.

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