John: Very good vid about DERVERING the life we have.

I often get depressed and frustrated because I feel I don’t deserve this pain and lifestyle I am now living.  I feel I have been good to my body (no drugs, not alcoholic, not a partier) so I don’t understand why I am having all this pain now. 

If I was to think of others in similar or worse situations I would understand the theory of disseverment. 

  • How does a child who has cancer and is under extreme medical care deserve that life? 
  • How does a teen who hasn’t even had a chance to live deserve to suddenly find they have disease which is going to change their lifestyle path drastically?  In this last instance I am reminded of a wonderful teenage young woman who was diagnosed with incurable cancer in her Senior year of high school.  Her boyfriend at the time had fallen deeply love with her and asked her to marry him.  She held off, and the whole town (Boulder City, Nevada) was all watching and waiting on baited breath as to what would happen with these two.  She finally said ‘yes’, and they were married shortly after graduation.  She died, I believe, shortly thereafter.  How did she deserve that short life?

So I am thinking about what John has said, and trying to wrap my little piece of gray matter around it.  I hope it helps you as well. 



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