**Swearing Alert** The most ‘Rapey’ Disney Character from the Janitor


3 thoughts on “**Swearing Alert** The most ‘Rapey’ Disney Character from the Janitor

  1. My kids all love Nightmare but I find it really creepy. Roger Rabbit with Christopher Lloyd’s eyes! Eek!! I suppose a lot of them are kinda adult.
    I took some of mine to see Shrek, I think the second one. I was helpless laughing. And worse the second time round cos I’d missed so many jokes while laughing the first time.
    And Harry Potter’s quite creepy as well considering it’s aimed at kids.

  2. Yeah, there are a lot underlying jokes and material in Disney and other ‘cartoon’ movies which are rather adult. I have watched some of them and wondered how parents let their kids watch them, and then buy them for the kids later. The “Nightmare Before Christmas” was one of those I really couldn’t imagine a parent buying for their child. “Who Killed Roger Rabbit” is another one. The Animaniacs are also really adult.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at them quite like that before. But maybe there’s some merit in the portrayals if children are taught to identify with the ‘good’ characters while being exposed, to some degree, to those aspects of creepdom that they well may face in life. I’ll be watching out for this now in every Disney movie.

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