The Horse: So you think being a horse rider is easy peasy!

I am so thankful for the person who put this vid together.  I have had so many people throughout my life question the athleticism of doing what I did.  It does take work, conviction, motivation, and determination.  Many time I would be knocked off the horse, through his/her doing, or through my crappy skills at the time.  I even had a horse fall on me, but I got right back up, after swearing some, and got back on the saddle.  Pissed the horse off, but we had an understanding at that point.  She ended up being my bestest horse, and did things like drop me on the tail gate of my truck when I told her to.  This was near the end of my riding career, due to my knee problems. 

But, the point is, she did it, knowing the damn truck alarm was going to go off until I hit the button.  She would also just stop when my knee hurt, and then walk real slow if I had to turn sideways in the saddle.  You must know a horse, ride a horse, tend to horse, to understand the love and bonding of a rider and horse.  



5 thoughts on “The Horse: So you think being a horse rider is easy peasy!

  1. I am glad I am not the only one. It is just so beautiful to see a beast like the horse run wild, in its own world, and way. To me the horse is one of the most magnificent animals ever. It has so much power, muscle, but can be so docile and tame. And…can show so much love.

  2. I guess that is why thinking of a horse, my horse, or just watching them, brings tons of tears to my eyes. I still can’t watch the end of Hidalgo because of the scene where he frees all the horses which were about to be shot, and then he frees Hidalgo. I miss my Mystee dawg, no doubt there, but my horses, especially my last one, Jezey Jane, miss here where my heart aches. Can’t type anymore, everything has turned blurry for some reason.

    Peace & Love

  3. They are magnificent animals, takes a strong will and a determined heart to meld with a horse.

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