Sex Lies

Guys talking about their first time…who knew?



I went to the pub with Simon and Lee, and after a few drinks we started to talk about sex.

Simon said he’d lost his virginity to a long-term girlfriend when he was at school. They went to some party at a friend’s house and did it in a bedroom upstairs. After that, they told their parents, and everyone was fine with it – they saw it wasn’t just sex, they were over sixteen – and one night a week, usually at the weekend, he stayed over at hers, or she at his, and they lost their virginity again and again.

He said he went down on her and got a pube stuck between his teeth, and she went down on him and got pre-cum in her eye. He saw her slide a tampon in, and she watched him squeeze excess sperm out of his cock and into a tissue.

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