You Will Pay


“Shhhhh…get down!”                                           Image

That’s what I “felt” my roommate Mack say more than heard it.

He had suddenly half crab-walked, crouching…ducking in and out of my peripheral vision, hissing this alarm.

I didn’t argue. I didn’t ask why.

Our long experience as roommates, and years of training had taught me to move first, then think…

I hit the floor, slightly upsetting a small table that I had been playing solitaire on.

I stayed down only an instant.

Then, I was moving, matching Mack’s haste and panic.

He had seen something from the kitchen window that had scared the crap out of him I guessed.

He found cover against the wall just below a picture window at the front of the room, trying his best to imitate paint.

He had his…

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