Very concise and well done post on therapy in the everyday world. Take a gander, and perhaps check out the suggested book.



Once taboo, people now talk openly about their therapy, about getting help, etc. They even go on national TV to be blamed and shamed, the host handing them a monogrammed handkerchief to wipe their mascara-smeared tears away as they expose their innermost secrets for open consumption as people boo and clap and nod sympathetically. It’s like a modern Colosseum of anxiety

Sadly, a lot of what we think of as psychotherapy or therapy is derived from what we’ve been given on TV, at the movies, or in books, etc. While it can be vastly entertaining, it’s mostly outdated or riddled with myths and half-truths or worse.

The Sopranos     In Treatment     Frasier      Soap
Beyond Therapy    Couples Retreat    M*A*S*H
What About Bob? (Baby Steps)   Nuts
Mad Men     Dr. Phil     Don Juan DeMarco
Beautiful Dreamers    Equuus   Frances
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest    Monk  1thera2

The Sessions     The Sixth Sense     Numb

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