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optimismAfter I got my first (and at this point, my only) tattoo, I regretted it…after the adrenaline wore off, of course. I have grown used to having it, and many years later, I don’t really think about it much.

After I got my first car, doubt started setting in about whether it was financially sensible. I drove it until the repairs were becoming costly. I never missed a payment.

After I got my second car, I again began to doubt whether it was a smart expense. After driving it for two years with some scratches on the side, I’m kind of glad I have it.

After my purchase offer on a condo went through, I immediately became plagued with extreme doubt and extreme anxiety. This wasn’t a car or a tattoo. It was a major investment, and the fear of having to make payments every month was hard to shake…

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2 thoughts on “The Optimistic Pessimist

  1. I came up cynical. It was 54%, and the quiz said that was healthy, but that perhaps I should trust more people. I don’t see why!

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