Psych course: Monkeys and Morality


3 thoughts on “Psych course: Monkeys and Morality

  1. He does talk fast. But then so do I. 😉 Between my accent and speed your mum wouldn’t know what I was saying at all. I have to rein it in at times. Maybe Hank needs to as well. But I rather like it. 🙂 x

  2. My mum heard Hank one day and couldn’t understand him. She said he talked way too fast to learn anything. Perhaps it is her age.

  3. You know, Hank should be obligatory viewing for pretty much everyone. He encapsulates years of knowledge in lovely little lectures that I just know could benefit so many. So much of what he speaks of here I had learned at college and as a teacher and parent but what a great reminder that touch and reasoned authority supersede laxity, control and neglect of contact. It’s got me wondering about so many of the troubled kids I deal with and how much some parents might not be aware of in terms of what matters to a developing child.
    Hank and John have a goldmine in what they do in these vlogs but mainly in how they might turn minds on to other thinking. They rock. I love them for what they do.

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