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Captain’s Log. Star date 92198.61. 

I couldn’t be prouder of my crew. Though I had read much of the insanity that is GISHWHES, nothing could fully prepare me for the softer, more tender moments of this week-long marathon of creativity, mayhem, and kindness. My crew, team Mutiny in the Impala, is full of some of the most charitable people that I have the privilege of knowing. We have accomplished things that I didn’t think possible (throwing a party whilst collecting litter, for example) and somewhere along the way I lost any and all capability for shame and instead have gained a capacity for compassion and generosity that I didn’t expect.

This morning I worked by myself on projects, and I headed into the enemy territory of Wal-Mart (sorry Target, but you don’t have kale for $1) for supplies. As I meandered through the store and random items such as a large…

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