It’s time to stop being afraid to talk about mental health

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There are going to be many well-deserved tributes to Robin Williams over the next few weeks. It would be too simplistic to say he was funny – he was unique, brilliant, quirky, and talented.

And he had problems with depression.

When someone strikes up the courage to admit that they’re depressed, the response they receive from some family members and friends is usually one of the following:

  • “Everybody feels that way sometimes. It’s normal.”
  • “Toughen up. Life is full of disappointments.”
  • “You want to see a therapist? You’re not crazy. What are people going to think of you if they find out you’re going to see a shrink?”

Here’s my typical rejoinder:

No. It’s not normal to be depressed.

No. It doesn’t mean you’re weak.

No. Seeing a therapist doesn’t mean you’re crazy.

Yet, the power of the stigma of having a therapist or a mental health issue becomes overpowering…

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