Tongue In Cheek

Trey did a good funny here.

Mad Mormon...

Mr. God: Plant Manager/COO

Mike: Lead Engineer

Gabe: Production Supervisor

Je’zus: Public relations/ Sales

Mary Jo: Manufacturing/Distribution

Location [Heaven: Plant 1- Manufacturing floor]images (7)

Scene 1 [Sounds of manufacturing process; Bang, crash, hiss, ting ting, hiss, bang, crash]

Mr. God [Shouting over plant noise]: “Did you need me, Mike!?”

Mike: “Yes sir…!” [shouting back, waving towards a assembly line that has halted, red lights flashing on the control board] “The prototype is almost complete, you told us that when production got to this stage that you wanted to be here!”

Scene 2 [God yells over to Mary Jo] “Shut it down MJ, I can’t hear myself think!” [Mary Jo nods and hits the kill button]

[sound of machinery coming to rest]

Mr. God: “Yeah, I know, but isn’t it a little early yet?!” [looks at his watch and frowns] “You’re saying we’re actually AHEAD of schedule?!”[scratches…

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