As My Pen Gently Wept

Great piece from Trey Dawg. He is turning the big 50 in a couple of weeks, and having deep thoughts. Scary, but hell, I did the same thing last year. In a couple of weeks I will be 51, but I am just going along for the ride now, hands up in the air, screaming like a girl that I am, but hell-of-fun the whole way down. Hopefully I stay on the slide and don’t derail half way down. That would so suck! Peace & Love

Mad Mormon...

I am a frightened man…

I don’t tell lies in my blog.

It is the only thing in my life that I can honestly say that I MUST keep real, at all cost!

I have lied to myself and others for way too long….

My words are real because they are not spoken…

Here it is…. In a nutshell.

I will be 50 years old in less than 2 weeks…

I have never been a half century old before.

I am surprised and somewhat alarmed at the reflections of my life and contemplations of my mortality that I have, of late, been experiencing.

I am quiet…

I am scared…

I am pessimistic…

I am getting older, much faster, than I was when I was 21….

I hurt where I never hurt before…

The general consensus about my life, in my view, is that I have wasted most of it.


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