ACTION ALERT: What’s Up In Red Wolf Country?

With only a mere 90 Red Wolves in the world, it is critical to their survival for us to do what we can. This short post explains the precarious position these wolves are in, and what simple things we can do while sitting on our arse to help them survive. No money asked for, just a few moments of your time. Please share this post as the closing date for input in defense of the Red Wolves is September 12th, 2014. There is not much time, so the faster this post can be passed, the more we can have an impact on the survival of these Wolves. Thanks

Howling For Justice

Wild Muse:

Red wolf puppies FWS Ryan NordsvenRed wolf puppies FWS Ryan Nordsven

Something fishy is brewing in Red Wolf Country: Will the red wolf program survive?

Posted at 9:50 pm

For a few weeks now, I’ve been suspecting that something awfully fishy is going on in Red Wolf Country. I can’t escape the premonition that higher-ups in the Fish and Wildlife Service are positioning their pawns to kill or significantly alter the red wolf reintroduction program. Three years have passed since I finished writing my book on red wolves, and it’s been one year since it was published. But so much has changed since then I can only shake my head in disbelief. All the hope I held onto when completing the book is wavering.

Red wolves are globally endangered, and though a captive population exists in some 40-plus breeding facilities across the U.S., the planet’s only wild red…

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