Shoot It! Donald Mackinnon

Donald Mackinnon – Scotland

I happened upon Don M’s photos quite by chance on day.  I was looking on Bing for photos of Scotland, because I need more photos on my wall to remind me of my eventual destination for retirement.  Don’s photos took my breath away.  In looking at some other photos of Scotland, it appears getting great shots will totally depend on me: the subject, the land and life of Scotland, is there and ready to be photographed.  I haven’t seen this kind of opportunity for me in a very long while. The only link I was able to find for Don M is on Flickr.  He has his photos non-downloadable, so I wasn’t able to add an actual photo here, except the one.  Please take a moment and cruise through his photos on Flickr.  Don has a wonderful gift in ‘depth of field’ photos.  From my own work, I know this is a talent, and often not used correctly.  His use of color in so many of his photos is creative.  The last photo, Brevig-Isle of Lewis, is a great example of his use of color.  Sit back and just click away.  Enjoy!

Traigh iar, Isle of Harris
Traigh iar, Isle of Harris


Garrabost, Isle of Lewis

Luskentyre, Isle of Harris

Brevig, Isle of Lewis



2 thoughts on “Shoot It! Donald Mackinnon

  1. Oh, I don’t think I can do anything like his, but a lot of the time, I think it is the place more than the photographer. My mum begs to differ on this, and she did an example once to show me. We were in Georgia on the country roads, and we came across a fresh fruit and vegetable cart. She took a picture with her camera, and then I took a picture of the same thing with her camera. I will admit mine did look more artsy, as her just looked like a tourist shot. I kind of got the feeling she didn’t try though. It was one of those tests which are highly subjective.

  2. His pictures are beautiful. It’s the landscape as much as anything. It is stunning in many parts. I’ll take you there when you get here. Then you can take pics just like these.x

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