Shoot It! Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine – Kansas, United States

Ok, bear with me on this one.  I stumbled upon Joshua’s work, well…I am not sure how.  I remember seeing this first picture, monster under the bed, and freaked!  It was like someone took all my childhood fears and nightmares and made them real.  Scary shit!  You probably won’t get any stress relief or relaxation from the day by perusing Joshua’s photos, but they are fun none the less. 

Joshua works with many people, and on his blog he describes what goes on behind the scenes of his photos.  He makes nightmares come to life, but in looking at how it is done, it takes the scare factor out of it for me, as an adult.  In the first series he uses his little girl.  If you read on in the November 2008 post on his blog, he actually shows the whole set up and thoughts behind some of the scenes he does with his little girl.  He also shows a picture of her smiling, laughing, on the bed where the Devil is coming for her.  So, it appears all good.  

I would say my normal ‘enjoy’ for this post, but I think you will probably be a little freaked he can get the nightmares so real.  So, ‘sleep well tonight’, ha ha.   


Joshua’s home page

Joshua’s Blog page


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