Pain is no longer a medical issue, it has become a legal issue

“Citizens with medically documented chronic pain aren’t the problem, they are just the easiest to identify and blame. The witch-hunt for opiate addiction is going after the wrong people.”

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Legislation and law enforcement are taking over what should be medical decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of’ pain.  They, not the doctor, decide if it’s “really pain” and whether the patient will be allowed to take pain medication.

This article illustrates how medical care for pain is now controlled by the DEA:

The Charleston Gazette | Ex-cops screening patients at pain pill clinics

Some West Virginia pain clinics are using former narcotics officers to screen patients – and charging people $150 for the service.

A representative of the contractor that hires the officers — called “narcotics auditors” — told state lawmakers last week that the new practice is helping curb West Virginia’s prescription drug problem.

At Hope pain clinics in Kanawha City, Fairmont and Beckley, new patients must pay PPPFD $150 for an initial screening, and $75 for each subsequent visit.

The screening includes:

  1. a drug test,
  2. criminal background…

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2 thoughts on “Pain is no longer a medical issue, it has become a legal issue

  1. I just spoke with a neighbor who had no idea why her pain pill prescription had not been called into the pharmacy by now. She was very confused as to what was going on. I was able to educate her, and after some discussion, she too was against all the extreme measures. Like she told me, if people want it, it is already out there. She wondered, as did I, why there was no letters or information sent to patients prior to this mess. I determined it might be to discourage those who are abusers from the new measures. I think this might have been the DEA’s intention, but I am surprised they don’t have a better handle on where the problem lies. The people who will go every 30 days to get their pain pills refilled or renewed, are not the main problem here.

  2. Thanks a bunch for helping spread the word about this outrage.

    Even people who are in favor of restrictions would probably be taken aback by these extreme measures. I doubt that this is what most people intended with their campaigns against opiate addiction.

    The issue has been hijacked by the media, which has turned it into a witch hunt for any and all opiate users. If more folks knew what’s being done to pain patients in the name of “safety” and “addiction prevention”, they might have second thoughts.

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