Long-Term Opioid Rx Can Promote Good Patient Outcomes

Basically, if the doctor is really concerned about your Quality of Life, then they will know whether they can prescribe opiate drugs for pain. They have to follow the patient’s health and quality of life, and determine if the patient is doing better. Again…I point to responsibility which is a sworn oath of the physician.

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Anesthesiology News – Long-Term Opioid Rx Can Promote Good Patient Outcomes – September 2014

Long-term opioid treatment can produce positive outcomes in chronic noncancer pain when physicians prescribe it carefully to individuals who have low risks for addiction and overdose, according to the results of a systematic review.

The studies included in the analysis involved chronic noncancer pain that lasted longer than three months, opioid use for longer than three months, and outcomes that included measures of function and QOL(Quality of Life).

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