Shoot It! Mikael Sundberg

MikaelÖrebro, Sweden

I actually found this young man by accident.  I was looking for another photographer, but was not able to remember where he was from.  I am glad I stumbled upon Mikeal’s page.  Mikael truly embraces digital photography.  On his page he shows a picture taken in color, and then in black and white.  Being a photographer myself, but not nearly at Mikael’s level of expertise, I appreciate the ability to see the comparison between the color and gray tones.  Take a moment, he has a slide show of his work.  Mikael’s pictures cover a wide range of subjects: animals, microscopic, abstract, and landscape.  Enjoy!

Peace & Love  

Mikaelphoto: Unlimited Edition Prints &emdash; Milky Way

Mikaelphoto: Unlimited Edition Prints &emdash; Spotlight

Mikaelphoto: Unlimited Edition Prints &emdash; Lighthouse


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