Pharmacy Medicare Fraud Involving Opioids

“It would seem much more productive for the DEA to concentrate their opiate crackdown where they can catch the “big fish”, and leave patient “guppies” alone. However, with the media fanning the anti-opiate hysteria, bureaucrats and elected officials get more publicity mileage from many small convictions.”
Yes, this would seem the smarter course, but the DEA has not taken the smarter course in this ‘Drug War’ at all.

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Focus on Community Pharmacy Medicare Fraud

“Fraud and systematic overcharging are estimated at roughly $60 billion, or 10 percent, of Medicare’s costs every year… We know the government isn’t uncovering all of the Medicare Part D fraud, but let’s take a look at some recent stories about what has been found in various states.

While patients suffer monthly individual pill counts, those with access to hundreds of thousands of pills seem to be relatively lightly monitored.The rules I have to follow to get my individual pills seem stricter, or at least more strictly enforced, than those for suppliers handling massive amounts.

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