Feeling a little Freudian

I love the words at the end.

Queendom Blog

freud 1

I like to observe people. Not in a creepy kind of way. I take note of the words and gestures they use, their habits, how they respond to negative situations, and what motivates them. I do this often with family and friends, and then go all Freudian, trying to connect a particular action or quirk they have with events from their past. It’s like connecting the dots to reveal a hidden picture – and I’m almost always able to connect their current behavior to some underlying cause.

My friend for instance, despite being extremely athletic, has suddenly started smoking. His mom smokes, but he’s always made it clear that he finds the habit disgusting. The day I noticed the habit, he proceeded to light up at least three times during my 2 hour visit. I couldn’t understand why until I watched his interactions with his family. His brother is everything…

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