Does Bad Posture Cause Back Pain?

Although the previous post on correct posture is good information, this post simply makes better sense, common sense, to me. Instead of living my life getting slammed in the chest every time I slightly slumped (say that three times fast!), I have now just started sitting or standing in a manner which creates less or no pain. I figure at 51 I can stand, sit, or walk any damn way I please, and if it pains me, it is up to me to change the posture.
“Forget good posture: think good movement
to sum up, don’t worry too much about trying to change your static posture to conform to some ideal. It is not a likely contributor to back pain. Instead, stay comfortable, keep moving, work to improve your function, and make sure to use good alignment and form when engaged in strenuous exercise.”

EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info

Does Bad Posture Cause Back Pain? | Better Movement

Although you wouldn’t know it from reading most books or articles, there are many studies looking for associations between pain and measures of postural alignment. And most of them find none.

This is in direct opposition to the previous post, which points out how bad posture can exacerbate pain.  Instead of right and wrong, we can assume both points of view are valid. Whether posture increases pain or not depends on the specific pain syndrome and individual response.  The great variety of pain symptoms, their causes and cures, and the individual’s responses show how little can be generalized about pain.

Although the results from these studies aren’t completely clear, most do not support the claim that bad posture causes back pain.

Here are some representative findings:

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