Pets with benefits

Wonderful sweet piece, although I will have to say some of this relates better to my dawg than my two stuck-up cats! As soon as I am able, I am going to try the running through the house thing.
“◾Don’t be ashamed of your mistakes or failures. Just do what I do when I knock over something breakable, or miss that leap onto the table…casually turn around and walk away, or sit there and lick yourself, pretending nothing happened.
◾Who says you have to explain your decisions to others, or obtain their approval? If you decide to run at top speed from one random room to another at 3am (like I do), then do it!”

Queendom Blog


They’re warm, they’re furry, and they love you just the way you are. And most of the time, you’d rather be around them than other humans. Aside from the mostly unconditional love they offer, pets come with other benefits. Researchers Friedmann, Barker, & Allen (2011) (among many others) conducted a pretty interesting study. They asked people to wear a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours for three alternate days. They’re blood pressure was recorded every 20 minutes, and the participants were asked to write in a diary who they were with and what they were doing when their blood pressure was being recorded (all the people in the study were taking blood pressure medication).  The researchers discovered that when people were around their pet, their blood pressure (and stress level) went down.


Now, being a cat owner, I recognize and appreciate my cat’s ability to make me smile and to…

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