Confessions of a paranormal lover

Well I am what is loosely considered a ‘Doctorate Candidate’ (basically I am working on my Ph.D., but have not finished the dissertation), and I believe in many things ‘supernatural’. The least of these being Jensen Eckles (Supernatural TV show), the better part of spirits, voices, and ghosts.

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My younger brother and I could not be more different. We look alike (although knowing him, he’d probably say that he’s hotter and in his words, much more “awesome”) but we think differently and view the world at two extremes. He’s a logical thinker and believes that if something cannot be proven with cold, hard evidence, then it isn’t true or doesn’t exist.

This isn’t to say that I don’t believe in logical reasoning and the scientific method. Regular readers know how much I rely, nay, insist on backing my theories and counsel with facts. This is what we do at Queendom: We assess, we test theories, and we analyze data. But I also allow myself to maintain an open-mind, because there are just some experiences I’ve had that the skeptic and researcher in me cannot explain. Like how does a psychic across the ocean whom I’ve never met know…

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