Child of the Cosmos Revisited…

…remembering our small place in the Universe…our responsibility to each other…our individual and collective selves…

I Want Ice Water!

It’s funny. Just days before seeing the following image from Child of the Cosmos, I was having my own goofy thoughts regarding how difficult developing a working missile defense system has turned out to be…

Rosetta Humor

But then it occurred to me that the European Space AgencyRosetta mission team did have a little more time to plan for their awesome “Rendezvous With A Comet”

Rosetta Landing Operations Mission Control Team

And now for some more cool…

“We have only just opened our eyes.”

– Episode 4: Hiding In The Light, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

Happy Birthday to Carl Sagan (Born November 9, 1934),

“Carl Sagan, in addition to being a teacher of science, was a teacher of morals and empathy. He advocated for free speech, compassion, education, civil liberty, racial equality, gender equality, skepticism, and creativity. His views are continuing to inspire generations. Some, like me, have followed in his footsteps and seek…

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