scotland that you won’t forget

I have shared Hristo’s work before, but here are his pics from his Scotland excursion this past Summer. Love them all.

In a Search of Balance

Scotland had been on my mind for quite some time, probably ever since when I was a little kid and watched movies like Highlander and Braveheart. I had this mental image of what it would be like — stunning beauty, breathtaking highlands, deep lochs nestling in the midst of impressive mountain ranges, endless fields of grass… and you know what, it’s all that and much much more. Despite being rained on for the majority of the time, my buddy Boyko and I experienced some of the most incredible scenery that I’d personally seen. It was serene and turbulent at the same time; awe-inspiring and mesmerizing; dark and light; cold and warm. It’s cliche to say, but words cannot do it justice and I hope the images (backed up by the incredible song by Ben Howard) can at least for a short while teleport you there. Because my friends, you need…

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2 thoughts on “scotland that you won’t forget

  1. The cost to get there is something else! Wizard and I have been investigating all means of transportation there. At least I now have the official letter from the doc for him being a comfort animal so I should be able to take him on board with me.

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