“Old Selfish White People”


Gentle Reader, here is a magnificent bit of prose from musician/artist/awesome dude Bob Ray Starker. Read and become enlightened, as did my cranky self:

Okay, I started out today trying to be civil and constructive, but all anyone wants to do is throw mud at each other… so what the hell, let’s get into this…

I am a 50 year old white american straight man and here is what I know for sure: Black people have never messed with me. Gay people have never messed with me. Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, poor people, none of them have ever messed with me. 

Which group of people have repeatedly made my life harder than it had to be for no good reason at all? White people with more money than me. 

They have laid me off, closed companies I worked for, made a lot of money by underpaying me for the work…

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2 thoughts on ““Old Selfish White People”

  1. For me it also applies to all the simply old white people around here. Again, there is a bunch of mean gossip going ’round. Mum took a ride with a new tenant yesterday only to find she has experienced the mean gossip about her. I am just staying away from everyone…Wizard can ‘chat’ with a few of them, but I don’t. I ask how a couple of the residents are, to their face, simply because I have always liked them. Just old people in general. Mum is part of this as well: she will tell me she makes comments to people in the office about what they are doing, whereas I would just walk away. Then she wonders why people talk about her. If it doesn’t affect me, I simply don’t care.

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