Living The Bipolar Life

I like her relating this photo to invisible illnesses as well as mental illness. This is so true for me, as a fibro sufferer. I but forth the face which can be seen, but I keep inside all the pain and frustration I feel each day.

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Please welcome first-time contributor Laura Mclean. a woman from Ontario, Canada, who was first diagnosed as a child with dissociative disorders. Auditory and visual hallucinations were the norm. At that time, in the 1970s, there were no treatments for her diagnoses. In the 1990s, psychologists deemed the disorder caused by Multiple Personalities, then in the year 2000 the diagnosis was changed to Bipolar Rapid Cycling, and a series of prescription drugs were used to manage the symptoms. Life is now much better for Laura and her family. She is married, has four children, and attends college as a full time digital photography student. Photography has been a therapy of sorts for her. She takes photos as a means to communicate feelings she does not understand. She still must contend with disruptions caused by hallucinations at times, especially when under great stress, but with the change in treatment she is no long plagued by a sense of panic…

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