Wake up, and Smell the Coffee

John is so right, we must stop the pretense of being equal and politically correct, and seriously attempt to just care for each other. I lived in Atlanta for a couple of years, and I can say the white coffee would have been a major faux pas. Seriously though, any person, black, white, green, or purple should illicit some compassion in our hearts. We can’t be that dead can we?

Storytime with John

When I was in the USA, I lived in the midtown area of Atlanta…which was lovely! I was told this was the “gay area” by someone in hushed tones, but honestly I didn’t see the problem – all I saw were friendly strangers who liked to give compliments, and some great brunch establishments! How could anyone hate that?! Certainly always put a smile on my face!

50 Cent Patrick Stewart GIF

But anyway, this was a little far to travel for some friends who lived outside of the city, so I would hop on the MARTA train and meet them half-way at Bankhead Station…then we’d drive out to some random diner, restaurant, or coffee shop for a catch up on the latest shenanigans…

One of these times stands out, and has been turning over, and over, and over in my head recently – I’m sure it won’t take a genius to work out why…

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3 thoughts on “Wake up, and Smell the Coffee

  1. I just related to story to mum, and she even raised an eyebrow at the White Coffee reference. I told her I knew what it was simply because I watch so much British TV. She figured it out without much problem, but I guess others would rather just be offended.

  2. And the expression John used is perfectly normal here. No one would raise an eyebrow. But it does put some perspective on the things that bend people out of shape among all the other things that there are to worry about – especially the scene he described. So very sad.

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