Random Thoughts: Repair Status of the Unit.

 I had the MRI of my knees on the 9th.  All went well, although it hurt to keep my knees in the positions they had them in.  I did have to ‘suffer’ through some Lionel Richie and Mirah Carey, then I had them finally change it to Classical.  That must alone might have damaged my brain!
They gave me the films, said my doctor would need them, but waiting for them made me miss the bus I had scheduled, so I had to have mum get one of her friends to pick us up.  Turns out the doctor received them via the Internet and had them before I ever got home.  He didn’t even ask for the films. 

When I finally did talk to the doctor’s office, the really efficient guy told me to wait for the doc to look at the results, and he would probably get back to me by, well, today.  He did, and I am not happy.  To preface this, I had the really strong gut feeling, intuition, whatever that I would need a 2nd opinion.  I am not sure if this is based on experience or what, but I guess I do after all.  The doctor said he didn’t see any real damage or severe arthritis, so there is no surgery needed.  My options with him are: 1) take anti-inflammatory drugs; 2) get the Cortisone shots in both knees; and, 3) get gel injected.  I asked if I could only have one treatment at a time, as I have been in some really severe pain of recent.  He informed me I could have the drug and the Cortisone shots.  The shots are immediately effective, but only last for a couple of months, or so I am told by everyone I discussed this with.  The drug takes 5-6 weeks to even start helping, and is really hard on my only kidney.  I will have to have testing on my kidney more often in hopes the drug isn’t damaging it too badly.  The Lupus is a bugger on the kidney, and I have been told repeatedly not to drink heavily, and to watch my drugs since I only have one kidney.  I am also not an easy match for blood type, and since I have Lupus, will not be on any list for donor kidneys should mine blow out.   
So…I asked them to call in the drug, and then I set an appointment for the 30th for the shots. 

Meanwhile, I am looking into getting a 2nd opinion.  I have been through all this before, pisses me off somethin’ fierce!  I really don’t think it is the doctor’s fault though, here is why.  
 I read something some time back, last year or so, in which people were getting denied needed surgery and being offered drugs due to Medicaid not wanting to pay for the surgeries.  When I was informed today of what the doctor said, I immediately recalled these stories.  Being on Medicaid, the State and Federal Government Insurance,  they get to determine what they want to pay for, and I have no, 0, nada, zip to say about it.  Mom has more input since she pays for part of her insurance, Medicare.  So, the stories and now my own experience is Medicaid would rather I be on meds than help me seriously get functioning again.  

Now here is the kicker in this: I will have to be on meds, continue to be dependent on cortisone shots, or even the gel stuff (which has to be ‘refilled’ like every six months) just to barely function.  The State will continue to have me on their rolls as a Medicaid recipient, Food Stamp dependent, and eventually, a Disabled person getting Disability funds.  I will eventually probably need Federal and State assistance to get into an apartment/house, and continue to need financial assistance in transportation issues.  I will also be then referred to, as I am now, a non-contributing member of society, a Welfare bum.  IF they approved the surgery to fix my knees as my doctor in Wyoming already determined I needed back in ’95, I could go back to work, use my degrees I worked so hard for, pay for my own groceries, my medical, my living space, my transportation, pay taxes, AND actually start paying back on my school loans.  Maybe finish my Ph.D., and use all the other certificates I have garnered over this lazy ass time of my life in helping people, instead of being the one needing the help.  Wow!  If only one hand knew what the other hand was doing in our government.  Basically, it seems to me they are saying ‘we would rather have you out of commission, under our total control, on drugs, thus we are not going to help you get back to functioning’.  BUT, on all the TV and Congressional/Senate congresses they discuss people like myself as wanting to live with no income, being lazy intentionally.  I thus become the bad guy, the lazy ass, the unemployed, the drain on society!  What a bunch of horse shit.     


So…like I said, I will do the damn drug and the shots to alleviate the pain for now.  I am looking into whether or not Medicaid will pay for a 2nd opinion.  On mum’s insurance there are also allowances for a gym membership, should a doctor deem it necessary, and home help.  Mine…no!  I am telling you being on the State’s insurance is like just opening your mouth for them to shove it full of drugs. They don’t want to really help a person get back to functioning by providing alternatives to drugs.  


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Repair Status of the Unit.

  1. It does make you wonder where their priorities lie when evidence around suggests that short-term budgeting supercedes long term benefits. I hope you manage to get a second opinion, Rene, and something done that has more long term benefits than the drugs. Keep up the fight although it’s bloody awful that you should have to.x

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