The Beginning of the End of an Era

Very nice tribute. Personally Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy, was a constant for me to tease my mum, as she had such a crush on him. She would get all ‘Treky’ and do the hand thing, and it would drive my sister nuts she couldn’t join mum and I in the “Live long and prosper” hand sign. I once offered to duct tape her fingers, but somehow she didn’t think this was cool. I am sure my mum doesn’t know of his passing yet, as she is in dreamland now. Perhaps she will want to have a special ceremony for him…although she won’t be able to control her emotions even half as good as Spock’s mum. Truly and end of an era, but so much has been gained and, as Cnawan states, our minds have been expanded if we even paid a small bit of attention to the shows. Perhaps now Mr. Nimoy will now enjoy a full enlightenment of the secrets of the Universe.

Ethereal Nature

May his memory Live Long and Prosper

As a boy growing up on a farm, I remember being transfixed, watching the original series of Star Trek on a black and white TV.  Despite the lack of color and the ever-present static haze of rural television reception, the show had a profound effect upon me.  It introduced me to so much that was outside the narrow bounds of my world, transported me (if you will) to a broader universe, and inspired me to think in much grander vistas.  As its rise to a cultural phenomenon attests, Star Trek has done the same thing for millions and millions of others.

Perhaps more than any other TV show, Star Trek opened our collective psyche to consider possible futures and possible worlds and possible thoughts and possible philosophies that we never would have imagined.  I wonder if our ability to readily embrace the innovations of the…

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