What If Siri Was a Dude?

The Phil Factor

I have to give credit where credit is due. The idea for this post didn’t come from my reliably disturbed mind, but from that of Little Miss Menopause of the blog Once Upon Your Prime. About two weeks ago she wrote a very funny post about the different Siri options there are and how they might be helpful to women. At the end she wondered how it might play out if Siri was a guy. I decided it would be more fun if Siri was not just a guy, but a duuude. Yeah, that’s right, a dude with three d’s.

Guy: Siri, where can I find women?

Siri: You can find women everywhere. They comprise approximately 50% of the world’s population.

Guy: No, where can I find women that will sleep with me?

Siri: The nearest sleep disorders treatment center is 6.2 miles away at 127 East Main St.  Do…

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