Getting Started on MyFibroTeam Part 2

I have joined this and it seems to be a wonderful experience. Lots of nice people, and similar issues.



Part 2

FriendshipBreaking the Ice

This is part 2 of 2 from the series is to help you get to know more great people on MyFibroTeam. When making valuable connections and friendships, the first place to start is with oneself (see part 1 here). The next part is even easier.

What brings you here?

Before saying ‘hi’ to someone on the site, consider why you want to connect with others. People on MyFibroTeam are initially drawn here out of curiosity and hope. They want to tackle the everyday challenges of someone who lives with rheumatoid arthritis. To do this, they want to get perspective on what others go through by reading updates, they want to support others, share their day and feel supported, too. The bonus scenario would be that they find others in their neighborhood or others (across country, even) who share their interests. All of these things…

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