Under pressure: What makes resilient people so tough?

Queendom Blog

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When I look back on some of the challenges I’ve been through – the health scares, the break-ups, the losses, the toxic relationships – I wonder to myself how I managed to survive and thrive with my sanity (mostly) intact. This isn’t to say that giving up never crossed my mind. When times were tough, I often contemplated one of three possible scenarios: Sell my possessions, join a convent, and take a vow of silence; move to the wilderness and live in a little hut eating berries and searching for Yeti, or voluntarily commit myself to an asylum. Would I consider myself a mentally tough person? Not a chance. But once the shock of a sudden, negative situation wears off, there’s a sense of something akin to acceptance. “This has happened. I have no choice but to deal with it.”

I’ve always pictured resilient people as a) people that I…

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