Determination is valiant, struggling isn’t: Why people hate asking for help

Queendom Blog


I don’t know how to change a flat. I also don’t know how to make cheesecake, dye my hair, fill in a cavity or wrap presents that are not perfectly square or rectangular. So when it comes to practical stuff, I am willing to turn to others for help. However, if I’m struggling with an existential issue, heartbreak, or any other emotional upheaval, I close up tight. I refuse to let anyone open my Pandora’s Box of emotions, much to the frustration of my friends and several ex-boyfriends.

“You know, I’m here if you ever need to talk,” my best friend will always tell me.

“You know that’s not going to happen,” I always answer.

“Why do you insist on carrying the burden of the world on your shoulders?” she’ll say, exasperated.

“Because it’s who I am. The Sisyphus of emotional pain, endlessly carrying my burden up the hill…I’m mostly…

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