Me, & my crew of 3

Maine coon cat
Maine coon cat (Photo credit: fox_kiyo)

I am 50. Yeah! Ok, I have cried, whined, and even talked with a guy who told me he was Father Time. I am thinking he was not and he was just an old man trying to hit on me. Anywho, fifty was right around the corner. Yes, I am slightly obsessed with this change in my life. I don’t feel 50, although I am not sure what 50’ers feel like. I just remember thinking, and this doesn’t seem like too long ago, ‘OMG! You are 50. That is so old. I am never going to be 50. Kill me before I get that old.’ Well, nobody has killed me yet, maybe that is at the surprise b-day party. I feel 35, and I know what that felt like. I was independent, had my cool ass truck, and my life was great. I had a great career at the time, and was dating a lot. So, I think I will just turn 35 again at this b-day. PEOPLE TAKE NOTE: This year will be my 35th b-day.

Okay, about the rest of me. I have a “crew of three”: a Bichon Frise (M) who is not show worthy by a long shot simply because ‘his mamma’ cuts his hair’; I have a Maine Coon (not a hat!) (F) who is the oldest of us all, including older than me; and then the littlest one, my all black Ragamuffin cat (F) who is almost as old (6 months younger) as the Maine Coon. Now the one who causes the most problems: hmmm…depends on the day, or night as it were. Wizard, the loveable ball of energy (which I am sure he steals from me at night), is the Bichon (so you don’t have to look it up, he is a dog. No seriously, he is a canine.), well, he can be quite a handful. So much so, g-ma doesn’t want to have anything to do with him most of the time. He is a dog, thus he is work. Cats are lazy, and thus people who don’t like to work with their animals have cats. (Oh, jeez! Sit down all you cat people. Get over yourselves. I have two cats as well, so I am equal opportunity pet owner.) I am sure I will be sharing many antics about him in future writings. The cats are pretty…well, lame. They lay around all day, are too quick for breakfast and supper (we have scheduled times here), and they basically do nothing. They are at the age now where they are not even really entertaining anymore. The black one looks so much like one of my black pillows, I have to make sure there are not claws attached to what I lay my head on. The Maine Coon, though, she is the one who understands me the best. She is like me, whereas the other two sort of have some of my qualities, but the Coon has me pretty well down.

I also like reading, long walks in the sand, piña colada…oh wait, NOT! I do like reading, and have loved it even more since I bought my kindle. I am not going to advertise kindle, but since my eyesight has been suffering due to a medication I am on, the kindle has put books back in my hand. Writing is cool, when I come with something brilliant or funny, it is cooler. Photography is great, but I haven’t done much in recent years. I blame that on the atmosphere (‘Vegas is just not photograph material for me personally) and my health (until I either get surgery I need or a wheelchair, I am stuck in a cave in the middle of this town). I have some great slides I really would like to transfer to my computer.

On an average day, which is so screwed up since my sleep cycle is off so bad from the meds, I usually accomplish at least the following: brush my teeth; walk the dog; feed the crew; eat something in which I can add my Hemp Hearts; walk the dog; feed the Coon; check my MSN email; check my Yahoo! email; check my Face Book account; listen to Pandora; walk the dog; feed the crew; clean my cave; read from my kindle; and drink my Mate. Some days are better than others and I actually write at least on my book, or a story. I also love to read the Sun Magazine, just to get a glimpse of other people’s thoughts and ideas. I have learned a lot about just accepting people through the Sun. I do not like reading the comments which are judgmental: I just read and try to focus on the words and the person who is writing or being described. Then when I am done, I ponder what I have read (takes me a long time to get through one issue), then I go on to the next story or writing. If I do write anything to the editors, it is of thanks for an article or for the magazine. I am not a hater. If I don’t like what is being said, I keep to myself and turn the page, scroll down the page, turn off the TV, whatever is needed to I am not confronted with something which I find personally displeasing. I do not feel everyone should share my views (a few would me cool), and I don’t believe everybody has to know what I do behind closed doors, which includes believing in or not believing in Christianity, Islam, Buddha, and others. I don’t care what you do behind closed doors either, as long as it is not hurting anyone else.

So, it appears from this I will need to do some more personal blogs to pull back the edges of the hole I have created on parts of my life. If you are interested, they will be under the Life & Times section.

78 thoughts on “Me, & my crew of 3

  1. Love it! Thank you so much. I am always so honored when you nominate me for an award, since I think your work is so wonderful.

    Peace & Love

  2. Thank you so much Patty. I am truly honored when you nominate me for an award. I respect your writing and your skill.

    Peace & Love

  3. Thank you. It is hard for me as I have always been an overachiever of sorts. I compare myself to others my age to gauge where I ‘should’ be, or in days of gray, to see how much time I have wasted. I know these things, just hard to break the mold.

    Peace & Love

  4. I enjoy your blog, and have only one comment to make about your remarks on your age: please forget the should do and should not do’s of age, just live.

  5. Is that even legal? Sounds a little strange…but I am up for strange. So, how does this work? I praise you and then you say something nice about my work? What if I only like something? What do I get? We have to iron out the specifics now. You see you can’t just ‘decree’ stuff and then expect me, the head vizier, to know how to enact it. Esplain this to me…

  6. I do remember my solemn oath to always praise and pay homage to your Royal Awesomeness. I think I have been doing my fair share. I do need to leave room for others, such as Scottishmomus, to praise you. If I do it all, then you won’t appreciate what I do say.
    There are also days when getting a ‘like’ from me is the best thing anyone got from me all day, so feel friggin’ lucky, bud.
    Thank you for your praise on my blog. I am honored. I am doubly honored you went over it yourself, and did not have one of your viziers do it.
    Now, about the tears and snot: I was using a tissue so there shouldn’t have been any tears or snot visible. I have no idea what you are referring to then. Then again, life has been rather shitty at time, and I don’t need to apologize for my words.

    Now, how can you be my biggest fan if I am to praise you? Is your ‘faness’ predicated on how much praise I offer you? These are the things I need to know!

    Just thought of this: mum took the chia for over two months, nothing in the amounts you did, but she was just as grouchy at the end as she was when she started. I don’t think anything can touch her’s. Glad it helped you though.

    Peace & Love

  7. I never tell you that I appreciate you as much as I should. I get nervous when you don’t read my stuff and comment on it. I think to myself…”Self…? Why didn’t she comment, why’d she only like it, did I do something wrong, did it suck!?”
    I told you that I am very needy and high maintenance. You took on the job of boosting my ego, you can’t leave me now.
    I NEED you to be more diligent in your praise and homage of my talent. It’s not much to ask….
    Oh, I am really going over your blog right now with a fine toothed comb. I’ve never really looked at it real close in it’s entirety, but I am currently.
    This is a very well maintained blog sister christian, and I dig it.
    You put effort into it and it shows. Even though you crush my spirit with the ocassional”like”, I forgive thee and will continue to follow your stuff even though it’s hard to read thru the tears and snot.

    Your biggest fan….Trey

  8. I am so honored. No Really. Quit thinking I am pulling your leg. Wouldn’t do that anyway as I might hurt you.
    Anyway, thank you very much. This is one of the most respected awards. And…like a certain person…I think the awards are very valuable and show kindness and loving which is not in the general public. He/She is the testament to this.

  9. I will accept and thank you as well.
    I am very honored you feel I deserve this award.

    Again, Thank You very muchly

    Peace & Love

  10. I am so honored. I saw this award, and thought it was cool, but also thought one had to have blogged for a year.

    I am very grateful, and humbled.

    Peace & Love

  11. Not! I ended up with the cats because of a b/f who liked cats. I am a big dog person. Love the husky and Malamute. *sticking tongue out at you*

  12. Aw, don’t. what is it with everybody today trying to guilt me?
    Think I’ll go and get pished. Oh no, I cannae because it’s half three in the morning!
    I need to go and try to catch some sleep.
    Been a laugh, Rene. Catch up tomorrow. :)x

  13. You are so lost! Jeez. Bob Dylan ring any bells for you? His name is actually Jakob Dylan. He looks a lot like his dad, not sure about Sara, his mother. I saw so many b & w or sepia tone photos of Dylan, I don’t know if he gets his eye color from Dad or Mum. Same with the height, as Dylan sang from old stools, and often had big baggy jackets on. But his voice and his face, and I think his hair, is definitely his Dad.

  14. Right I could’ve cheated but I didn’t.
    I thought straight off that he looked a bit like Tony Robbins. Then I thought there was something about the mouth that looked familiar. Then I thought cheekbones like Freddie Mercury. But, no, I don’t think so!
    Then I thought could it be anything to do with Mick Jagger?
    Failing any of those….Rumpelstiltskin!

    But charming! :)x

  15. Don’ did it. And long ‘un too. I so can’t believe you left out Trey. He is the source of so much of my humor. Apparently you have way more things in your universe which are humorous to you. His words visit me in my cave, and hence I am blessed. Don’t let him read this, he will have such a big head (and he will so take that the wrong way) if he sees that.
    I am going to share another artist who is too young for me, but he has got some looks. He is someone famous’ son. See if you can guess. Oh, the person is very American folk, but very popular all over the world.

  16. Pleasue was mine. we are human beings, we are accustomed to all kind of feelings so its fine 🙂
    And thank you for your immense support. I started two weeks ago but I’m so happy here. Every body has been so supportive and loving so far. I really appreciate your time 🙂

  17. Thank you. I try to only put uplifting items on my blog, but sometimes just how I feel gets snuck in there. I look forward to reading your blog, so don’t be afraid to write, post a video, or just post a picture. We all want to know you and this is a nice family, this Word Press family, no haters that I have found yet.

  18. I’m new to this blogging thing, only two weeks old actually, I’m glad i came across you.
    Really liked your posts and how you encourage others as well by sharing there’s as well.
    Good luck with your future 🙂

  19. I loved your comment on Shawn Bird’s blog and had to take a look see. Will certainly read more in Life & Times. I am not sure when this post was written and if you have turned 50 yet…but I am a decade older and it doesn’t hurt much. If I were to go back it would be 45 when I was dating and having a great time. Namaste

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