Random Thoughts: Repair Status of the Unit.

 I had the MRI of my knees on the 9th.  All went well, although it hurt to keep my knees in the positions they had them in.  I did have to ‘suffer’ through some Lionel Richie and Mirah Carey, then I had them finally change it to Classical.  That must alone might have damaged my brain!
They gave me the films, said my doctor would need them, but waiting for them made me miss the bus I had scheduled, so I had to have mum get one of her friends to pick us up.  Turns out the doctor received them via the Internet and had them before I ever got home.  He didn’t even ask for the films. 

When I finally did talk to the doctor’s office, the really efficient guy told me to wait for the doc to look at the results, and he would probably get back to me by, well, today.  He did, and I am not happy.  To preface this, I had the really strong gut feeling, intuition, whatever that I would need a 2nd opinion.  I am not sure if this is based on experience or what, but I guess I do after all.  The doctor said he didn’t see any real damage or severe arthritis, so there is no surgery needed.  My options with him are: 1) take anti-inflammatory drugs; 2) get the Cortisone shots in both knees; and, 3) get gel injected.  I asked if I could only have one treatment at a time, as I have been in some really severe pain of recent.  He informed me I could have the drug and the Cortisone shots.  The shots are immediately effective, but only last for a couple of months, or so I am told by everyone I discussed this with.  The drug takes 5-6 weeks to even start helping, and is really hard on my only kidney.  I will have to have testing on my kidney more often in hopes the drug isn’t damaging it too badly.  The Lupus is a bugger on the kidney, and I have been told repeatedly not to drink heavily, and to watch my drugs since I only have one kidney.  I am also not an easy match for blood type, and since I have Lupus, will not be on any list for donor kidneys should mine blow out.   
So…I asked them to call in the drug, and then I set an appointment for the 30th for the shots. 

Meanwhile, I am looking into getting a 2nd opinion.  I have been through all this before, pisses me off somethin’ fierce!  I really don’t think it is the doctor’s fault though, here is why.  
 I read something some time back, last year or so, in which people were getting denied needed surgery and being offered drugs due to Medicaid not wanting to pay for the surgeries.  When I was informed today of what the doctor said, I immediately recalled these stories.  Being on Medicaid, the State and Federal Government Insurance,  they get to determine what they want to pay for, and I have no, 0, nada, zip to say about it.  Mom has more input since she pays for part of her insurance, Medicare.  So, the stories and now my own experience is Medicaid would rather I be on meds than help me seriously get functioning again.  

Now here is the kicker in this: I will have to be on meds, continue to be dependent on cortisone shots, or even the gel stuff (which has to be ‘refilled’ like every six months) just to barely function.  The State will continue to have me on their rolls as a Medicaid recipient, Food Stamp dependent, and eventually, a Disabled person getting Disability funds.  I will eventually probably need Federal and State assistance to get into an apartment/house, and continue to need financial assistance in transportation issues.  I will also be then referred to, as I am now, a non-contributing member of society, a Welfare bum.  IF they approved the surgery to fix my knees as my doctor in Wyoming already determined I needed back in ’95, I could go back to work, use my degrees I worked so hard for, pay for my own groceries, my medical, my living space, my transportation, pay taxes, AND actually start paying back on my school loans.  Maybe finish my Ph.D., and use all the other certificates I have garnered over this lazy ass time of my life in helping people, instead of being the one needing the help.  Wow!  If only one hand knew what the other hand was doing in our government.  Basically, it seems to me they are saying ‘we would rather have you out of commission, under our total control, on drugs, thus we are not going to help you get back to functioning’.  BUT, on all the TV and Congressional/Senate congresses they discuss people like myself as wanting to live with no income, being lazy intentionally.  I thus become the bad guy, the lazy ass, the unemployed, the drain on society!  What a bunch of horse shit.     


So…like I said, I will do the damn drug and the shots to alleviate the pain for now.  I am looking into whether or not Medicaid will pay for a 2nd opinion.  On mum’s insurance there are also allowances for a gym membership, should a doctor deem it necessary, and home help.  Mine…no!  I am telling you being on the State’s insurance is like just opening your mouth for them to shove it full of drugs. They don’t want to really help a person get back to functioning by providing alternatives to drugs.  

My Discoveries! Stephen Hawking

What to say about this man?  He is amazing, that much is obvious.  Last night I watched a documentary he wrote and narrated.  First off, I thought he was younger.  I am not sure why I thought this, but I am not the only one.  When I asked my mum how old she thought he was, she said around 45-50.  He was born in 1942, which makes him 72.

In the video he told how even with the limitations he has, which are more than most anyone I even hear of, he still gets up each day and goes to work.  I am 51 and with just my simple issues (as compared to him) I have a hell of a hard time just getting up to take the dog out.

In looking over his Wikipedia bibliography (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Hawking) I notice I might not agree with all his beliefs and causes.  This fact does not lessen the individual at all.  When so many curl up and complain of small frustrations in their lives, want instant pain relief, and cannot function without a perfect body, he has kept active, has a great sense of humor, and has kept of keeping on.

I was looking forward to the new movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch already, but now I am really excited for it.

I am not going anywhere…today!

This post is in response to a post Shaun Gibson did on Suicide and Chronic Illnesses. There was some discussion on his FaceBook page, Fibromyalgia and  any chronic issue, with regard to this article. I felt I wanted, needed, to say more, but not in a comment box.

I am not asking for, nor expecting, any sympathy as result of my words. I have just read so many other’s journeys in dealing with chronic pain illnesses; I felt it was time for me to add my own to the soup. What I have done, or not, it my burden to bear. The actions may have been wrong, and even stupid, but alas, they are my own. If by reading this you have an overwhelming desire to spread hate, just stop right here. I will simply delete any hateful comment, it will not penetrate who I am, and that will be that. Don’t waste your time or mine with hate. I will also not be converted to any religion, or even any spiritual belief, I have my own and I am happy with where I am spiritually.

          I finally visited the orthopedic doctor I have waited three months to see, but really about 7+ years. I filled out all the paperwork, did all they requested online, and brought in my x-ray disc so he could see my knees. I was rather anxious prior to this appointment, since most of my life I have been told my knee pain is in my head. I even had a ‘well respected’ orthopedic surgeon tell me it was all in my head. I have only had one real orthopedic surgeon who saw the problem immediately, fixed it for one knee, and then was able to show me the follow up problems in my other knee. He was magical and quite near a perfect doctor as far as I can tell.

          The ortho doc came in, pushed in the disc, and then glanced ever so quickly at my knees. He then proceeded to tell me he really didn’t see a lot wrong. He wants to do an MRI to get a better look. I am cool with this as long as we do an open-sided or ‘donut’ MRI. I just want the pain to go away so I can rejoin life. To say I was a bit disappointed would be an understatement. I was sad, felt like crying on the bus ride home. I will do the MRI, and follow this through, just to see if I can get some sort of relief. I really wish I could go back to my good ortho doc, but he is in Wyoming, and Medicaid will not even consider paying for me to see him.

          The rest of the night was hard, very hard, for me. If there was ever a time I felt lost and without hope, this was it. In truth, I have felt rather lost and hopeless for about the last 7 years. I cuddled with my pup, Wizard, and just thought about the silly bus driver who asked me out. Yeah, another story, another time. 

          I stopped working in 2007 due to my Fibromyalgia and knee pain. My fibro was so bad, I felt like I was going to internal combust at any moment, I never got any sleep, I was in pain all day, and I was making mistakes in my work due to the fibro fog. The last job I had could not afford to insure me since I had a pre-existing condition of Factor V Leiden, a blood clotting disorder. I was without insurance from 2006 till 2014.

          At the end of 2007 I was forced to move in with my mother in her two-bedroom apartment. I had desperately tried to find work, anything, so I could stay in my apartment. I was collecting Unemployment, but ever damn penny went for rent, with nothing left over for utilities, and car expenses. I just didn’t have any more money to ride on anymore. Moving in with her was really a blow for me: I have been independent for most of my adult life, and living with someone only upon my choice. I was very happy in my apartment, and had three creatures (see Me & My Crew of Three). I packed up all my life, a very individual and special life, and put it in storage. It is still all there to this day. Mum has been great in paying for the stupid storage ($100 a month) since about 2010, when I officially ran out of Unemployment funds. If not for her, I would have lost lots of very special, impossible to replace, items.

          Me and my crew of three live in one bedroom of a two-bedroom apartment, in a senior citizen complex. We can roam around, even sit in the living room, eat in the kitchen (if I want to stand), and I have some furniture in the living room even. Most of our living, especially mine, takes place in this one 9 x 10 room.

          The walls are covered with art I have done, and pictures of my past and my (hopefully) future. Scotland pictures cover one entire closet door, a world map and some of my mandelas cover the other door. I have a wonderful frame which houses some very old (as old as me to be very exact) pictures of me and my Poppa, I am a wee babe in them. I say ‘good morning’ to my Poppa each morning, and sometimes look at the pictures longingly, wishing he were here for me to talk to.

          When I realized I wasn’t going to be able to go back to work due to my fibro and knee pain, I filed for Social Security Disability (disability). I knew from the beginning I would not be able to handle all the paperwork and hassle which comes from working with the Government, as I had watched a friend who was a better paralegal than I fight her way through this same process. I hired a firm to handle it from the beginning. Four years later, I have two cases working against disability: one is a Federal case, in which my attorney determined I was denied a fair Appeal. He told me they seldom take cases to this Federal level since they are quite time consuming and expensive. I have worked with the Federal Courts before in a non-related case, and I know what a pain in the ass it is. The fee is still the same as it was in the beginning of the journey, so they are not getting any more out of it financially. I checked this part out thoroughly. I even talked to their billing administrator to make sure I was looking at the right Federal Law with regard to contingency fee cases and disability. I am good there.

          The second case is a new case listing the same knee stuff, Factor V, and we have added fibro. It was hoped by my attorney this new case would get a new judge, new eyes, and it would be awarded so I could have some income while we waited for the Federal case to be heard. So far, no such luck. It was denied on the first appraisal, which is not astonishing, and so we are in the Appeal stage for this case as well.

          This all could probably have been decided a long time ago if I would have been receiving health care. I would have had the documentation disability so strictly goes by to prove my case. Then again, if I would have had the proper health care I might not be in the position I am in today. It wasn’t until The Affordable Health Care Plan (O’Bama Care) went into effect in 2014 that I finally received some sort of health care coverage. What is really stupid is the coverage I received is the same coverage I applied for in 2010 when I realized I would have to file for disability and I couldn’t work: Medicaid. Medicaid is paid for by the State, and my State, good ole’ Nevada, determined I should just suck it up while Mr. Reid partied on Capitol Hill.  In the end, I have coverage now, today, although the Department of Social Services has sent me an application (twice the same application in the space of a week!) to re-apply. They tell me in the cover letter if I do not respond, fill out the form to their satisfaction, provide all documents necessary, I can be cancelled by the end of January. Good to know! Obviously I have done all which is required as far as I can determine, so now I wait and see if there will be more asked, or some crazy mess up, which happens more often than not, with any Government office.

          Meanwhile, I live off $189 of Food Stamps (aka SNAP benefits). That is it! My mum pays for animal food and supplies, what few toiletries I need, and all other non-grocery items. I cannot even help her in her grocery costs to offset what she buys for me and the crew with Food Stamps, as there is far too little money and groceries only get more expensive. Trust me, I try each month to figure a way, and I seriously do not eat grand by a long shot.

          As I mentioned before, I live in a Senior complex. I have tried to make friends a few times, but it is just not going to happen. There was the issue of my age when I first moved in; then there is the gossip; and now I just shy away from most to not get caught in anybody’s web. The gossip is seriously bad here. It is not something I can just not partake in, but still socialize with the residents; I have tried, but talking to the ‘wrong’ person can cause all kinds of problems, including having management on my case. Rumors get started about if I am picking up after Wizard, and then the ball goes from there. The first time this happened, I ended up getting in a manager’s face, being tactfully pissed, and told her never to call me in her office (like a feckin’ child) again! She never did, but since her, we have had at least 5 other managers, they leave almost as soon as they unpack. I have heard now this same thing has happened to others who have dogs and who have talked about or to the ‘wrong’ people. Sometimes I feel like there should be a swing set and sand box out side since I am living around all these stupid children!

          I stay in this room, which houses my queen size bed, large dresser, and mostly nothing more. I don’t have the money to downsize the bed, and when I purchased it I had no clue I wasn’t going to be able to live in my bedroom which worked perfectly with the size with room to spare. I have no room for a chair or desk. I have a bed table which holds my laptop, and I move it each day over the bed so I can connect with the World. I am basically relegated to the bed for my time for many reasons. It is too warm in the rest of the apartment since my mum is always cold, even in the Summer. I also cannot sit in my Lazy Boy chair like I used to since it hurts my knee, legs, and back the longer I sit in it. There is my couch, but it is too low for me now, with my knee problem, thus it sits as a very large cat couch. I do get the honor of cleaning off the cat hair though, so I should feel lucky!

          I keep so much in, I don’t tell mum hardly any of what I worry and stress about, she would just start nagging (and yes, she seriously nags!). The few times I have told her I feel despondent, depressed, or without hope, she immediately wanted me to seek counseling, go to church with her, and most definitely not to drink my whiskey. I think she has finally discovered no matter how strong I may look or act, I am still just like everyone else and get sad. I also had to make it perfectly clear I am 51 feckin’ years old (that is exactly how it is said) so I can drink my whiskey without any comment needed from her.

          I keep in my daily depression and frustration at waiting for disability. I keep in the anger and frustration at only having $189 a month for food; for not having my own transportation, much less my wonderful truck; I keep in my frustration at not having any money to buy even dog shampoo; I keep in my shame and embarrassment when I have to re-apply for aid, use my SNAP card at the grocery store, or ask mum for $1 to ride the stupid Senior bus to the only store I can shop at, Wal-Mart. I keep inside my daily pain, and attempt to even hide the back breaking pops my back does at not specific time. Mum has 20 years on me and I feel I shouldn’t be burdening her with my health and my life.  I stifle tears often when I play with Wizard: I promised him when he was little we would walk a lot and go to the park to play. We used to, till about the middle of 2006, then it just got too painful to go up and down the stairs any more than necessary. He is so bored, he loves to be outdoors, and he loves to walk. My heart aches when I think of how limited his life has become, and he is by no means an old dog, but has been put in the lifestyle of one. I keep inside my shame when my mum has to do my laundry, I can’t since we have a central laundry room, and it is physically too painful to do. The only thing I feel I can do is not to push her to do the laundry, if I am running out of clothes, I will opt to hand wash some before I say anything to her. I keep inside my fear of no disability coming through; of something happening to mum in the night, which would immediately put me and my crew on the streets; and…I keep inside all my pain (physical and emotional) and my sad state of affairs.

          I try not to worry…about Wizard, my mum, my little bit of financial help, my food stamps, having more animals than allowed in the apartment (immediate eviction if they decided after 7 years to do something about it), and I stay far away from the fears and stress I could incur if I thought about the political issues in our Country. I can get so worked up so fast, and I feel so out of control. At least when I worked I felt I had some control over my life, my animals, and was able to realistically help others. I don’t think people realize when they discuss people who are on Welfare programs as being ‘burdens on society’ how that is really hitting those of us who have no other option, and we are the majority of people on aid. Most of us feel bad enough about ourselves, our circumstances, who we are letting down, that the ignorant and mean words used to tell us we are burdens just adds to our whole bag of shit we are already carrying. Obviously those folks who shout and post mean comments have never HAD to be on Welfare. We HAVE to, or we are in the street, and we all see what is happening to street people… 

          So…there it is…I do feel depressed, frustrated, angry, and without hope. My dog, Wizard, is my light. I know some may think this is stupid, and generally lacking in my life, but he has brought me more joy and love than any human or organization on the entire planet…no religion, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and especially not the government.

          This said I have found a place for me, a place where my spirit finds peace, where I can actually talk to my Poppa (deceased), my sister (deceased), and my guide. I can stay in my little cave of a room and center my brain to not focus on all which could go wrong, all which quite possibly may really be hopeless, and only let in those images, ideas, pictures, which I choose. I have insulated myself, this is true, for a good reason I argue. The stress of my health, my knee, my back, is exacerbated 10 fold when I start to let in all the Country’s, World’s, and my own person life problems.

          I have to pick my battles very carefully, as I have only very limited ammunition on hand, and no stores in a bunker. I find I very often feel I am fighting this war alone as well. I have a good neurologist who works with me on my fibro, but my primary doctor could care less about me. She does what she has to, but doesn’t even know my current medications she has not prescribed or my most recent condition. When asking my mum for the $6 for fare to ride the ParaTransit bus (a public small bus specifically for disabled and elderly who cannot ride the regular transit bus) just to see a doctor, I don’t feel it is really a necessity unless the doc says so. I guess my ortho doc isn’t too impressed with me either. I will do what he asks as far as the tests, but I need relief soon.

          I would seek out the services of a psychotherapist, but I have some problems in this regard. I went through about 4 before I finally found another magical doctor who was able to work with me on some really big issues I was dealing with at the time. She has since retired and moved far away, so I cannot even contact, it just wouldn’t be right, and she might well not even be alive. After not being believed and shuffled all over the place as a child, teen, and as an adult with regard to every damn thing I said, whether it be about knee pain, burning inside, sexual abuse, physical abuse, bullying, and some other really scary shit, I have learned to basically suck it up. My one therapist was able to build a really good relationship of trust with me, and I seriously can’t see opening up to anybody like that again. On the more logistical side of the coin, I would have to come up with multiply $6 fares for the repeated visits, even though the visits would be paid for by Medicaid. Mum is really on a very tight shoe string, so if I can deal, and I have been, I need not burden her with more financial demands.

          There it is…long I know, but I have put this off for a very long time. I don’t know what this really accomplished, but I will publish it nonetheless. Again…don’t feel sorry for me, I am a survivor, but even warriors get sad, depressed, frustrated, angry, and loose hope in the battle and sometimes even the war. I am not scared to die, never have been. I have been through too much stuff as a young child to fear death. I actually don’t fear what most people do, and I see no reason to fear what we don’t even know about. I am not going to be taking any pills, hanging myself (this apartment is so badly built, it would fall in on me), or anything else to end my life. I know I need to stay, been told the basics about it so I wouldn’t be troubled any more. I am cool. If something happened to Wizard and my mum though, all bets are off. They are the two reasons I am still here.


Peace & Love

The Horse: 31 Reasons Why Horse People Are The Craziest You’ll Ever Meet

Meg and Averi

When you spend a lot of time around horses, you start developing some… interesting personality traits. If you’ve displayed any (or all) of these characteristics, chances are you’ve got an incurable case of equine fever.

1. You know that shoveling poop is not only a huge part of life, but it’s a privilege, and a great workout.


2. You don’t get offended when people say you smell like a barn, and you don’t even flinch when a friend pulls a piece of hay out of your hair


3. You know that once you get to know them, every horse has a unique personality.


4. You’ve never had a manicure that has lasted more than 10 hours.


5. You have many pairs of shoes, but most of them are dirty, scuffed-up boots


6. You spend more money on vet bills than your own medical bills


7. You get most of your veggies by sharing carrots with your horse


8. You’ve definitely tried sweet feed on a particularly hungry day.


9. You’ve attempted (and mostly failed) the with-horse selfie more times than you can count, and the horse’s face NEVER FITS IN THE FRAME.


10. You’ve ignored the warnings on fly spray bottles and used it all over yourself on particularly buggy days.

You’ve ignored the warnings on fly spray bottles and used it all over yourself on particularly buggy days.

11. Your weekends are always spent at muddy horse show grounds instead of at the club


12. As a kid, you read Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague, and The Saddle Club books til they fell apart.


13. When you inevitably ended up in the hospital from a riding accident, your first question to the doctor was how long it would be before you could ride again


14. People laugh when you refer to your horses as your children, but you’re totally serious


15. You idolized John Lyons, Stacey Westfall, and Clinton Anderson instead of famous pop stars


16. You collected Breyer horses instead of Barbie dolls as a kid (and if you had both, your Barbie dolls rode your Breyer horses).


17. You might have sucked in gym class, but you could lift a huge hay bale over your head without an issue.


18. Your favorite clothes have always featured horses, and most of your outfits double as barn clothes so you don’t have to change when you inevitably end up there later that day.


19. As a kid, if any movie even had a slight reference to a horse in it, it was your new favorite. (And if it was all about horses, you watched it on repeat.)

As a kid, if any movie even had a slight reference to a horse in it, it was your new favorite. (And if it was all about horses, you watched it on repeat.)

20. You taught your dog to do horse-related things, such as jumping or getting the correct lead


21. You know that falling off is more like a badge of honor than an embarrassment. The crazier the situation, the better the stories after.


22. You’ve clucked or kissed at slow people walking in front of you to get them to go faster


23. Your horse has heard more of your secrets than your human best friend


24. Your kitchen table is constantly covered by horse-related magazines and catalogs


25. Your fridge is always stocked with apples and carrots (but they’re probably not for you)


26. Where others see a fashion statement, you just see a broken snaffle bit on a shoe.


27. Most of your dirty laundry is covered in dirt, sawdust, poo, and hair


28. Your only friends as a teen were your fellow horse enthusiasts (partly because you spent all of your time at the barn instead of the mall).


29. When you learned to drive, you had to remind yourself that your car didn’t have a mind of its own, and you half expected your car to spook whenever you saw a plastic bag blow by while you were driving


30. Whenever someone rides in the shows or movies, you always check to see how their form looks and if they seem to actually know how to ride.


31. You wouldn’t trade the bruises, dirty outfits, and hours mucking stalls for anything in the world. In the barn or in the saddle is where you belong, and there’s nothing that will ever change that.