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optimismAfter I got my first (and at this point, my only) tattoo, I regretted it…after the adrenaline wore off, of course. I have grown used to having it, and many years later, I don’t really think about it much.

After I got my first car, doubt started setting in about whether it was financially sensible. I drove it until the repairs were becoming costly. I never missed a payment.

After I got my second car, I again began to doubt whether it was a smart expense. After driving it for two years with some scratches on the side, I’m kind of glad I have it.

After my purchase offer on a condo went through, I immediately became plagued with extreme doubt and extreme anxiety. This wasn’t a car or a tattoo. It was a major investment, and the fear of having to make payments every month was hard to shake…

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First World Problems

Short and cute.



The thing about being a potato is that all the other vegetables kind of hate you because they reckon, and they’re not entirely wrong, that we’ll all get eaten at some point, everyone likes potatoes, while they, the courgettes and aubergines and leeks and broccolis of the world, won’t, they’ll be forgotten, so they’re jealous of us, and our adaptability, the fact that we can be roasted or boiled or mashed or sliced or cubed or diced or deep or shallow fried or steamed or thrown into a salad, while they sit in the fridge and shrivel and decay.

And who can blame them? I certainly can’t, even if they sometimes rot on top of us and spread their mould over our skin.

All I ask is that they throw some of their hatred the onions’ way once in a while. Those fuckers get used all the time.

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Tiny Man

Very nice prose from our very own…Treyman! Nice!

I'm Dying


I…am powerful

Lord and master…

If I sit and learn

I will listen….

If I touch the sky

I will not draw back my hand…

When I picture you in my mind

I am only human…

Only God brings life to me, through you.

Words fall away, descriptions die upon our lips.

Tell me about the world if you can, and try not to cry.

It will be beautiful again, I swear.

Not one man or woman…

To record nor declare.

“Save me” The Prairie grass whispers


“Kneel” sayeth the mountain kings.
“Let me go” cries great river “Just let me go”

Blaspheme, oh man…


Wretched stewards of dirt and rock

You had a simple task…

Light poles, telephone poles, roads, ditches, billboards, pumping rigs, blowing rigs, red flames and black smoke…

Even worse….

Fences around open Plains.

“I will cast you from me” says our Earth with utter honesty.

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Sad But True…

I have had to fight, and I continue to fight, for assistance I should be given because of promises and commitments made to the American people. I don’t mind the people coming here because of the disparity in Mexico, but go through the process of legalization. If they were to try to enter any other country, they would be forced to go through legalization. Why is the United States being so lax on legalization? If they are not legal they should not be able to vote either, so non-legalization should be a lose/lose situation for both American politicians and for non-legalized immigrants. There would be no extra votes for letting people come in to the country without being legalized, and the immigrants would not receive all the financial assistance available to the indigents. Emergency assistance I have no problem with, but this should not be help longer than a week, not housing, cash, or Medicaid cards. Just emergency so they can proceed to immigration process. Do it legally and it is a win/win for both parties.
Just my thoughts on the matter.
Peace & Love
including all who are in our country illegally. I do not wish harm or unhappiness to anyone, just follow the rules.