Cyber bullying and why we must ACT! For Hannah x

Cyber bullying and why we must ACT! For Hannah x.


Living with chronic pain

This is so my story in so many parts, the disability issues here are lasting me over 3 years of living at my Mom’s, and being almost 50, and living on $200 food stamps. I also have the Lupus, and severe knee issues which need surgery.

Stop the Stigma

b me november 3It was 1987.

I had just started studying at Concordia University.  I had already earned a certificate in Gerontology and worked as a personal support worker in home care.

Married 16 years, working part-time,  raising 2 children in elementary school, the typical life of suburbia…2 kids, 2 working parents, owner of a bungalow, a summer camp, catamaran (not noisy motor boat),  except we had 2 small cars and not the station wagon and 2 small dogs and not the huge canine.  It was just plain old suburbia.

I earned just enough to pay little extras, my car, my tuition, books and personal expenses.  My going back to school was a bit of a prickle, my family was somewhat inconvenienced at times.

Life was pretty good.  Summers were a nice break as school was out for Mommy and the children.  I had 4 weeks’ vacation, the children’s father had 5 weeks, so we would…

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