Under pressure: What makes resilient people so tough?

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When I look back on some of the challenges I’ve been through – the health scares, the break-ups, the losses, the toxic relationships – I wonder to myself how I managed to survive and thrive with my sanity (mostly) intact. This isn’t to say that giving up never crossed my mind. When times were tough, I often contemplated one of three possible scenarios: Sell my possessions, join a convent, and take a vow of silence; move to the wilderness and live in a little hut eating berries and searching for Yeti, or voluntarily commit myself to an asylum. Would I consider myself a mentally tough person? Not a chance. But once the shock of a sudden, negative situation wears off, there’s a sense of something akin to acceptance. “This has happened. I have no choice but to deal with it.”

I’ve always pictured resilient people as a) people that I…

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Harmony, Peace…and other dreams.

John suggested I share this with all those, you know who you are, who need this. So there…read this…smile at others…and let’s create some Peace on Earth in our own feckin’ plot.
Luv ya all!

Storytime with John

I would love to live in a perfect world.

For me it would be all marshmallow houses, chocolate rivers, and a whole lot of laughter. Basically the plot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Minus the singing mind you, because I couldn’t really deal with that – but the overall positive vibe, and focus on confectionery make it a paradise I wish we could someday live in.

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Alright, I must admit I’m not sure what that world would actually look like…as it has never been that way…woolly mammoths chewing our legs, God induced floods wrecking everything, and a whole lot of man-made monstrosities doing a lot more damage, have made humankind skeptical about whether a perfect world can ever become a reality, that maybe we are destined to live in an unfair shit-hole where some thrive, and some struggle to even survive.

This appears to be a terrifying reality, so we…

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Sin Eater II

As I am really interested in old folk tales and folk lore, this piece is very interesting. I love how Cnawan offers explanations of the folk lore. Thanks Cnawan.

Ethereal Nature

Upon this hallowed evening
the spirit of the growing season
undertakes its timely death
with the setting of the solemn sun
and thus creates, a thinning of the veil.

Within the twilight’s glimmering
and his passage gained admittance
Jack-of-the-Lantern passes
across the threshold of the spheres.

From the nether world of shadows
to this world of blood and flesh
attend his rustling footsteps
as he treads upon the corpses
of countless fallen leaves.

As deeper grows the darkness
his lantern burns the brighter
the Sin Eater beckons all
the living and the dead.

As loathsome ghoul reviled
glowing eyes and garish smile
oft mistaken for incarnate evil
a holy calling he bears instead.

A purger of sins unrepented
he gathers with his lantern
as moths they fly from withering souls
their guilt at last surrendered.

Upon himself he takes these burdens
the cardinal and the venial
then with the sacred…

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As My Pen Gently Wept

Great piece from Trey Dawg. He is turning the big 50 in a couple of weeks, and having deep thoughts. Scary, but hell, I did the same thing last year. In a couple of weeks I will be 51, but I am just going along for the ride now, hands up in the air, screaming like a girl that I am, but hell-of-fun the whole way down. Hopefully I stay on the slide and don’t derail half way down. That would so suck! Peace & Love

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying

I am a frightened man…

I don’t tell lies in my blog.

It is the only thing in my life that I can honestly say that I MUST keep real, at all cost!

I have lied to myself and others for way too long….

My words are real because they are not spoken…

Here it is…. In a nutshell.

I will be 50 years old in less than 2 weeks…

I have never been a half century old before.

I am surprised and somewhat alarmed at the reflections of my life and contemplations of my mortality that I have, of late, been experiencing.

I am quiet…

I am scared…

I am pessimistic…

I am getting older, much faster, than I was when I was 21….

I hurt where I never hurt before…

The general consensus about my life, in my view, is that I have wasted most of it.


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