Awesome piece from someone who has, and is, traveling the roads of life.

Everything Hurts & I'm Dying


I am a traveler through my mind.

There are many worn paths there.

Some are well cut through the clutter and some are barely visible thru the mist.

They seem to go in all directions like a spider’s web and some appear to double back on themselves.

There are many that are circular, some large, some small.

Over and around they go….over and over….around and around.

Many, many a mile…..

I can see I have been over most of this ground and I can tell by the ruts that I must have been dragging a heavy burden.

Many of my paths go downhill

A few up a hillside

I see that the main path is narrow and straight

But it is overgrown with weeds and doesn’t look passable

The one way traffic light is burned out and doesn’t work anymore

There is a whipping post…..

It has heavy manacles, and…

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